Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trigger Bruiser by Michael Sweet Blog Tour Guest Post

Hello all :) I'm today's stop on Michael's "Trigger Bruiser" blog tour. He has stopped by and given us a little insight into his writing world. So sit back, relax, and get to know Michael a little better :)

No question is more difficult to answer than, "What is it that inspired you to write your book?"
     This is a deceptively simple question, one that is expected a simple answer from the asked. Trying to narrow down the reasons for writing a book is like trying to narrow your reasons for living into a neat little paragraph. Could you? If so, perhaps you need to see more of the world, but I assure you that you needn't go further than your own front door.
     I mean only that inspiriation is all around us; it is in everything that we encounter in a day in the life. My characters are based on people I know, surprising none of you. But would you be surprised to know that some of the most important characters in my book were not based on close friends, a family member, or even the love of my life, but rather perfect strangers who lent me nothing more than a smile?
     In the small, bare patch of yard where for some unknown reason grass will not grow, I have seen desert battles unfold on a miniature scale. Raising the forks on a power lift at work is like operating a loader on the deck of a spaceship in a science fiction story.
     My life provides the supplies I need to build my craft. Imagination does the rest. So, life + imagination = inspiration.
     Now, I realize this answer won't satisfy some of you. So, if you like, I could be a bit more direct. The world of Delve, where the Trigger Bruiser novel takes place, is nothing more than the backwoods of Kentucky, where I was born and raised. I've been all over this great nation, but the South calls me home time and time again. The protagonists Ben and Lily, are of course myself and my love, Lisa. **SPOILER ALERT** The fact that they end up with a son in the end, was inspired by the birth of my own son, which happened halfway through the writing process.
     Trigger Bruiser is a story about the strength of love, wether between a man and a woman, or between friends, surviving a cruel, dark world infested with evil. Obviously I have found the world a very difficult place for love, which makes it all the more necessary. Love, above all other things, inspires me not only in my writing, but in everything that I do.
     One last thing before I go: a writer of fiction is nothing more than a brilliant escape artist, but unlike most magicians, we pass our secrets on to you with each story we tell, helping you to escape as well. It is something we do willingly, and with much love.
     Thank you.

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