Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunset by Jay Caselberg


In a far flung colony world, sometimes you have to survive any way you can.
They had their best hope on Benefis, but things don't always turn out the way they are supposed to.

My thoughts:
This short story intrigued me. Max and Sondra live in a world where genetic testing is performed, leaving the offspring as some mutant new super race. Most parents accept their young as their own, showing them off and taking care of them the best that they can. Others do not accept what is happening and take drastic measures to ensure their survival. The story is short with little said throughout the reading to let you know the exact details of what is going on. I liked this aspect, as it kept me wondering until everything was revealed in the end. I definitely could have had more of this story and hope that the author will expand it into a series :)

About the Author:
Jay Caselberg is an Australian author based in Europe. He has lived and worked in multiple countries around the world, at last count, around 70. He thinks of himself primarily as a short fiction writer and poet who also sometimes writes novels. His works span science fiction, fantasy, horror, literary and combinations of all of them.
He also writes under the pen name James A. Hartley.

You can stalk him on Goodreads.
You can purchase his books at Amazon, B&N and Musa.

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