Friday, May 18, 2012

The Blue Door (Set Free: An Amish Journey, Volume 5) by George Loughmueller

The Blue Door (Set Free: An Amish Journey, Volume 5)

Outsiders have many myths about the Amish. It has been said that an Amish father will paint to door of his house blue when he has a daughter old enough to marry. Allan Howarth will learn first-hand if that myth is true.
In The Blue Door, Allan’s daughter Alice reveals her true motives for staying in Karsten Field. Meanwhile, Allan finds himself welcomed into the community, first through his new students and then by their parents.
To top it all, his friend Ben Abrim has a surprise announcement that Allan never expected.

My thoughts:
This section of this series had me giggling like a little school girl. There were quite a few parts where the interactions were just so "cute" that you couldn't help but sit back and say "Aww! I wish my guy was like that!" I absolutely love the traditions portrayed throughout this whole series! I would recommend this series to anyone who likes a good traditional story :)

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