Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Afterlife (The Dark Gifts #1.5) by Willow Cross

Afterlife (The Dark Gifts #1.5)

Two hundred years before the battle of the fortress, a young man named William Townsend had to die.

William had big plans. He would become a valiant soldier, fall in love, have a family, and die. In fact, he was certain it would happen in that exact order. But fate is a fickle taskmaster and things almost never go as planned. And sometimes, just sometimes, your true destiny will greet you after life.

My thoughts:
I really enjoyed this short companion to the Dark Gifts Series by the author. She brought you into a world that was touched on lightly in the first book, Birthright, and made you fall in love with one of the characters even more. If you haven't read Birthright, never fear! Afterlife could be a stand alone book and will only enhance your reading experience for the full length novel. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a little "ghostly" humor :)

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