Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Jade and Honey Harlot (Tales of Sand and Sorcery #2) by Marsheila Rockwell

The Jade and Honey Harlot

In a dark land of rich sultans and scheming concubines, it takes a strong woman to rise to the throne - and something even stronger to keep her there.

Sumarkesh: City of Wonders, City of Lies, City of Secrets Star-writ in the Skies. City of Dreamers, City of Veils, City of Harlots and Satisfied Males. In this bastion of decadence, a courtesan spins a tale for her naive young client, a fantastic story about the woman who sits upon the Lotus Throne, elevated there not only by her own charms, but by the greed of a sultan’s son and the magic of his pet necromancer. But as the young man – too clever for his own good – begins to question the details of his veiled companion’s tale, he soon learns that in Sumarkesh, a harlot’s hungers extend far beyond the bedroom and spells cast in dark alleys often go disastrously awry….

My thoughts:
After reading "Shaala, Made of Stone", I couldn't help but be gravitated towards more of the author's works. In this second installment of her series, the author creates yet another world where the characters are still involving themselves in "far away" adventures. I'm really loving the main character, Shaala, and the tough girl attitude she portrays. It's refreshing to have a heroine that can hold her own! I can't wait to see the adventures that await Shaala! I recommend this short story to anyone who likes a good action and adventuresome read :)

About the Author:
Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell was born some years ago in America's Last, Best Place. A descendant of kings, pilgrims, Ojibwe hunters and possibly a witch or two, she spent the first few years of her life frolicking gleefully in a large backyard that is now part of one of the nation's largest Superfund sites. Perhaps that explains her early penchant for fantasy and horror - the first book she ever read (at the tender age of three) was Frank L. Baum's "Ozma of Oz."

Marcy sold her first short story to Marion Zimmer Bradley while in college and her first novel to Wizards of the Coast in 2005. She now lives in the desert in the shadow of an improbably green mountain with her Naval officer husband, their three sons, the requisite black lab, and far too many books. In odd moments stolen from her family and her writing, she can be found browsing eBay for Wonder Woman/Girl figures or Seabees sweetheart jewelry from WWII.

You can stalk her on her Website, Facebook and Goodreads.
You can buy her books on Amazon and Musa.

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  1. A bold and evocative cover, which, combined with the title, suggests a compelling read.