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Exiles (The John Swale Chronicles, #3) by David Pilling

Exiles (The John Swale Chronicles, #3)

Can Sir John Swale keep his family together in the face of war, exile and the cruelty of nature...and does he have the will to do so?

Spring 1331: Swale and his wife Elizabeth are living as exiles in the English-held province of Gascony, but war with France is gathering on the horizon and their marriage is unhappy. Their only child, a daughter, appears to be hopelessly disabled, a cruel trick of God and nature that Swale has no way of fighting.

My thoughts:
In this segment of the John Swale Chronicles series, the author gives us insight into what 'really' happened during warring times of the Medieval Era. There is no "huff and puff" fluff like many stories written on the same topic. The author dives right into the guts and glory aspect and shows the gory side of war. And I LOVED it!! If you're into Medieval war and whatnot, this is a series for you!! As I inadvertently read the 3rd book first, I can't wait to get my hands the rest of the series!!

About the Author:
David Pilling is 32 years old and currently works in the Library and Archive at the Tate Gallery in London. Previous jobs included stints at The Royal Opera House and The School of Oriental and African Studies.

He has been writing fiction and non-fiction on a freelance basis for the past three years, and many of his non-fictional articles have appeared in various regional and national UK publications.

His fiction is inspired by his love of historical and science fiction and authors such as George McDonald Fraser, George R.R.Martin and Bernard Cornwell.

You can stalk him on his Website, Facebook and Goodreads.
You can purchase his books on Amazon, Musa, B&N and Smashwords.

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