Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Horror Challenge Volume II by JH Glaze

The Horror Challenge Volume II

This second volume of The Horror Challenge includes 10 short stories that will provide the thrills you seek in a good horror tale. This collection of stories includes, witches, monsters and even cannibals! You will find yourself wildly entertained with the stories created by JH Glaze in response to suggestions from his readers.

Since The Horror Challenge stories are all suggested by reader input, this series is unlike any other ever created.

My thoughts:
Again! Brilliant! Jeff takes reader input and creatively weaves stories from their ideas. You'll never read a set of stories quite like these! I loved each of these stories in their own way and can't wait to see what the author creates in the next installment :) I would recommend this to all horror lovers, and also recommend that you do not eat or drink while reading ;)

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