Monday, May 07, 2012

Pulse of Heroes by AJ Sweeny Blog Tour Guest Post

Hello all!! I'm today's stop on AJ Sweeny's "Pulse of Heroes" tour!! I have a special interest in Archaeology, so I have asked her to talk about her background in the field. So without further ado, here is AJ :)

Pulse Of Heroes (The Pulse #1)

My interest in Archaeology started at a very young age and is in fact tied to literature. I was extremely fascinated by the idea that some of the Greek myths that my mother had been reading to me, actually told of real places. In my childlike naivete I wanted to go visit these places so I could just maybe catch a glimpse of Zeus or Eros, and of course I wanted to find my all time favorite Greek god Pan-so I was going to go to Arcadia-which is where his worship is said to have started.
I have yet to make it to Arcadia, but my fascination with the past and the people who have lived on this earth so long before us , never stopped. The more I studied about Greek mythology the more I became aware that their stories are but later additions to others who have been established sometimes thousands of years before the Greek ones, and that is how I started going backwards in time. I became fixated on finding the oldest and most original sources to what we call Western Civilization.
This is how I was lead further east further back in time to the place that most of us learn about in high school: Mesopotamia. The Fertile Crescent, the breadbasket of world civilization.
This is when I started taking upper unit classes about the region and it is during these years that my fascination with the eras of Bronze age -early Iron Age solidified. So much lies undiscovered in what now we see as nothing but desert sands. I hope for the day that the Middle East is once again at peace so I can dig in the desert sand and bring to light the glory of past civilizations. Until then I return to dig in the only democracy that exists in the Middle East and that is in the State Israel. It is the only place where a woman can feel safe working amongst the rest. I keep going back to the digs and the more time I spend out there , the more inspired I become to share it with you through Elliot and his friends.

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  2. Thank you so much for having me guest post :D
    AJ Sweeny

  3. My 6 year old has a big interest in Archaeology :)