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Enlightened by Devyn Dawson Blog Tour Interview/Character Interview

Jessie Lucente, a Light Tamer, has started her junior year at Parca Academy in New Bern, NC. She has a new boyfriend, Caleb Baldwin. He is beyond good looking, he is her mate for life. They've been bound by the light and will rule and heal with it too. Her new classes aren't what she expected. Finding out the school is filled with 'gifted' kids is almost too much to comprehend. She finds out what it really means to be a Light Tamer. Some of the assumptions she had are debunked and now everything is crystal clear...well, clear as mud. Now that she is enlightened with the facts, she struggles with the truth.

Thorne Woodson has all of the girls swooning. His Doc Martens and hoodie stand out against his school uniform. He might be the guy to heal Amber's broken, grieving heart. What's his story, and why does he appear everywhere Jessie is? He has a secret that will change the game for everyone. Who is he in cahoots with?
Amber starts her junior year with a bang and a huge crush. She has a point to prove on the first day of school. She refuses to let everyone believe she went soft over summer break. Her shenanigans end with detention on the first day. The anniversary of her brother's death has her making dumb decisions but her friends have her back. Jessie will struggle to help Amber deal with the grief. 
The secrets that have been revealed by Fate will leave Jessie in a new role. It will all come down to bloodline versus logic. She must step up and embrace her new title, and life on the other side of the shimmer. With her small army together, they promise to vanquish Nyx back to the Underworld and seal the portal she came through. 
The second book in The Light Tamer trilogy will answer the questions that are burning in your head. A beautiful tale of first love and friendship. Be prepared to be amazed at the twist in this story. You didn't see it coming, but you'll be glad it did!

About the Book:

Give me the blurb for the book in 140 characters or less: 

A surprising twist in this paranormal romance will leave you begging for more.

Do you have a favorite character? Why is she your favorite? 

 I like Amber - she’s sassy. In Enlightened, you will find the back story to her sass.

What do you hope readers will get from your book?

 I try to take the reader to a time before life got in the way. The first kiss, the first love, and your first book crush. I hope everyone will escape their adult self, and be that 15 year old again.

About the Author: 
What/Who inspires you? 

 My children are my biggest fans, and they make me want to do more. Hardest aspect of writing? Best/Easiest? 

 I prefer to be in silence, that is hard to accomplish when there are teens, husband, birds, cats and barking dogs. The library is the ideal place to write. I’m inspired by all of the books. 
Who is your writing hero? 

 Hands down, J.K. Rowling. 

About the Future:
What’s next for you? 

 I’m writing my first non-young-adult book. It is a novella of two adults from my Legacy of Kilkenny series. I’m going to try to write Light Bound through NaNoWriMo One outrageous goal for the future? 

 I’m going to be a grandma in 2013 - holy cow! 
Do you have any advice you'd like to share with other aspiring writers? 

 Stay persistent and write every day. 

Sweet or salty? Sweet.

Beach, plains or mountains? Mountains.

Online, letters or in person? All

Ebook or print? Goodness, I buy the print version of my favorite e-books.

Character interview of Miss. Gayle: 

• How do you feel about your family, now that you’re an adult? 

 Now that I’m adult, ha, I will never grow up. My family means the world to me. • If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for? 

 I’d take away the obstacles that Jessie and Caleb are bound to face. I’d worn a bra more often as a younger person, gravity isn’t kind. I’d like for George Clooney to sweep me off my feet, on his motorcycle no less. 

• What three things would you take to a Desert Island? 

 George Clooney, Martha Stewart - she can make anything out of anything….and I’d take books.

• How do you fall in love? At first sight? Over a long period? 

I believe in first sight…. If Clooney would give me a go, I’d prove that he loves me…he just hasn’t met me yet.

• What parts of loving come easy for you? Hard? 

 My honey bun, rest his soul was the kindest, sweetest man - he made life easy. Living without him has been hard.

• When you walk into a room, what do you notice first? Second? 

 I check for exits and the bathroom…. When you get my age, the bathroom is a necessity.

• When you walk into a room, what do you expect people to notice about you? 

How unique I am…LOL

• Describe yourself to me. 

 I’m a great poker player, a sass mouth, determined and I can still rock stilettos and some seven jeans.

Devyn is a full time writer, wife and pet owner. She's been writing since she was a small child. Her first office job was working for a publisher and data entry of manuscripts. She literally typed them and saved them on real 'floppy discs'. When she was in high school back in the 80's, she would read Stephen King one day and Sweet Valley High the next day. She said one day she'd find a way to merge the two books.
Currently Devyn and her husband of 19 years live in New Bern, North Carolina. Devyn is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and still refers to it as home. She has two adult children, Paris and Hunter. When she realized she would be facing an empty nest and family so far away, she decided to write about characters to entertain her. Her new series The Light Tamer, is about friendship, relationships and falling in love. The Light Tamer series is a younger young adult book, the one that takes you back to the beginning before being jaded. It offers characters that are both good and flawed. Throw in some mythology and you're in for a quick trip that will leave you breathless and enlightened.
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