Monday, June 18, 2012

Entasy by Brynn Myers Review and Character Reveal

Hello all!! I'm today's stop in the Entasy tour. Today I have a review and a couple of character interviews. Enjoy!

Kylah is the granddaughter of two Celtic goddesses but due to a tragedy, Kylah's memories were taken to protect her. She has no idea who she really is, but soon she will find out...soon she will have to confront her past in order to save her future.

This is a brilliant beginning to what seems to be an amazing Celtic series. I immediately fell in love with a few of the characters, while having a complete hatred of one in particular. It is the perfect story! Being able to sympathize and relate to the main character was easy since the author so skillfully wove a tale so intense that you couldn't help but want to be in it. I enjoyed following Kylah throughout her trials and tribulations and watching her grow into her new role in life. This action packed story is a great start to the series and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with in the next installment :)

Character reveals:

Liam-He is the leader of the sluagh. He is a half Seelie/half Unseelie and the son of the Unseelie king. Liam’s background is to intricate to post at this time but his story will unfold throughout the series.
Sluagh- Are a part of the Celtic mythology and are a type of evil spirit. They are believed to be the spirits of men and women so evil, that they are rejected from both the Otherworld (heaven) and the Underworld (hell). The Sluagh are not even welcome by any of the gods and goddesses in Celtic mythology. Even the deities that leaned towards the darker inclinations will not associate themselves with them. The Sluagh are ghost-like images that can only become corporeal by consuming human souls. Liam is their leader and the reason they are now organized into a horde.

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  1. I am thrilled you enjoyed Entasy! Thank you so much Brittany for such a great review!! ~Brynn