Monday, February 20, 2012

Shereen Travels Cheap by Shereen Rayle

Shereen Travels Cheap

Are there places you want to go but never do because you think you can’t afford the travel costs? Do you plan your vacations on a budget, but find that your budget doesn’t get you very far from home? Shereen Travels Cheap was written for you! This entertaining book will teach you how to plan the vacations you have always dreamed of taking, but for a lot less money than you ever thought you would spend. Using a combination of proven tips and techniques and the best the Internet has to offer, Shereen shows you how a little effort can reap big savings and allows you to do more on your trips!

My thoughts:
I loved the easy to read layout of this book. There were several tips and tricks that the author presented that I hadn't thought of before. I'd like to think that I'm pretty "shop savvy" but the author has so many sources in one spot that it's hard not to recommend this book. I will definitely be using this as my "go to" book when planning my next vacation. There is just too much information in there to try to do it on my own. Whether you need help planning the vacation, or just some tips on how to pack lighter to avoid baggage fees, this book has it all. I recommend this book to anyone that is planning any sort of trip :)

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