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L.D. Hutchinson Blog Tour Excerpts

Shadows of The Heart (Shadows in the Dark Books 1-4)
After being thrown into a life she never knew existed, Angie is faced with more problem's than she wants to handle at once.

One of the major ones? Dealing with the arrogant Phoenix. He knows just how to push her buttons, and being stuck in a little house with him for months is hell on her. Especially when he's also her training partner.

Mastering her Witch side just so she can become a Vampyre is starting to wear on her, but things are about to get worse.

Something is after her, and they will not be stopped. Even going as far as kidnapping the people she loves to get to her, and if that isn't bad enough it's her fault too.

And what are these voice's she keeps hearing? Is she going crazy? Do all witch's have this problem or is it just her?

Will she be able to make it through this, or will she fall apart? There are so many things to get done, and not much time left to do it.

"Nu uh, uh." He snickered and charged forward. I squeezed the trigger and shot him at least four times, all that did was splatter blood on my face. He knocked the gun from my hand, grabbing me and throwing me roughly across the ground. I screamed and felt gravel rubbing away the skin on my hands and legs. Pulling out a knife from each of my boots I tried to get up, shaking still and staring straight at him.
"Come on." I muttered staring at him. "Come get me."
He smiled and then charged me. I moved as fast as I could, sliding out of the way, and slashing at his arm with the knives. He growled as the first one sliced off a chunk of his skin, and then I went in again, aiming to stab him in his heart. That's when he got me instead.
I stabbed him square in the chest and heard a terrifying scream from him. But, as I pulled back I felt a white-hot pain that flared through my body. Looking down, I saw blood blossoming from my stomach, and spreading over my top. I let my hand touch it, to make sure I wasn't seeing things, and saw the tears dripping from my eyes as I looked at my crimson coated fingers.
Another one of the creatures came flying towards me, and I saw a wolf take it down just as I hit the ground. My body was shaking on its own now with shock, and I could barely move. I rolled onto my stomach, ignoring the flaring pain and began to drag myself up the sidewalk and into the grass. I lay under a tree, watching as Gabriella tore into the creature.
No, no no... This isn't happening... I started thinking to myself. I could hear my heart beating, and tasted blood in my mouth. This wasn't good. "Avangeline!" I heard the shout. The voice did not register until a moment later, it was Phoenix I was sure of it.
"Avangeline, where are you!" That one was Blaine. I tried to yell out, but it came out as a simple gasp of pain. I was hoping the smell of my blood would attract someone.
"Angie!" I saw Phoenix growing closer. He was a black shadow against the moon light, and I blinked to try and clear my vision. In the amount of time it took to blink, he was bending down in front of me.
"Can you hear me? Avangeline!" He sounded panicked, and I tried to reply. I was able to lift my arm a bit, and look up to his eyes. He was looking at me as if he was going to die, and Blaine looked pained beside him.
"We have to get her out of here..." Blaine said, looking at him and smoothing my hair back slowly. "There's a plane right outside of here, you can run fast. We can get to it before she dies."
"Before she dies?" Phoenix asked looking at him seriously. "She can't die, and I can't turn her, not yet."
"You're going to have to, or else let her die."
I lay there, unable to speak or move. My body was starting to go numb, I couldn't feel the pain anymore, but I could still taste the salty metallic blood in my mouth. Phoenix lifted me up, into his arms, and he nodded. "Lead the way, demon."
I heard movement, and then Phoenix was running. I could tell by how fast things were moving around us, I kept blinking my eyes. I wanted to sleep so badly, I was so tired. "Don't you dare close your eyes!" Phoenix growled.
It jolted me awake, and I stared up at him. Watching his pale features against the sparse light of the moon I tried to keep myself from closing my eyes. He looked so fierce and angry. His jaw line was square from locking his jaw, his eyes were still blood red, and I could see his fangs easily now.
"Don't..." I managed to get out, coughing a bit. "Worry... so much..." He looked down at me for a moment, his features softening as he did. I wanted to touch him, to comfort him and let him know I'm ok, for now.
"Don't talk Angie, please... I don't want you to strain yourself." He whispered, following Blaine as fast as he could. I blinked my eyes again, and for a while lost track of time.

Product Details
Print Length: 230 pages
Publisher: Midnight Hour Publishing; 1 edition (July 7, 2012)
Language: English

Book of Curses (The Renning Chronicles, Book 1)
Meet Raine Renning, your average teenager and her Twin brother, Thomas. Their lives are pretty normal - if you count moving from house to house, and town to town normal.

Since the death of their father Leland, their mother Tori has shown her true colors.

On their 18th birthday Tom decides to have his ex-girlfriend, and best friend, Christie come over for a small party and give Raine her gift - the one that will change all of their lives forever.

A book - While reading it and joking around they're mysteriously pulled within it's cursed, bound pages and told of the prophecy they are to fulfill.

Vampyre's. Faerie's. Lycan's.

Creature's they thought were only stories take their places as the Renning's Guardians, from Region to Region they learn more and more about it.

Dragon's. Human's. Nephilim.

Now, if only they can figure out how to take down four god's in the middle of this entire mess, and still save their world from destruction - Oh, and don't forget choosing what immortal creature to become...

"Hello?", I called out into the silence, listening as my shaking
voice echoed all around me, bouncing off of the trees, hills and
rocks making me feel even more alone and confused. The fear
heightened, and I could hear my heart beating louder and
louder in my ears; my throat had become thick, and it was hard
to swallow.
"Raine,” My entire body tensed up and froze from that one
small voice. My heart stilled in fear, and I looked around as fast
as I could trying to find where it was coming from but only saw
the trees and flowers. "Come to us Raine, we're waiting..."
"Yes Raine, come," I spun around on my heel looking closely
at every little thing. I even looked at my feet at one point as I
listened to the voice. Then it dawned on me; this one was new.
It was a woman's voice and sounded seductive and velvety, like
she was trying to seduce anything that was listening to her.
"Don't you want to come and play? We want you to play with
"What's wrong Raine? Cat got your tongue?" The newest
voice echoed around me; it almost sounded like three men
talking at once and created an oddly demonic sounding voice,
and he was snickering at me. There was a sinister tone to
everything it said. I only wanted this to end and was hoping it
was just a bad dream. I'd wake up soon.
"Or maybe, we've got your tongue!" Just then it flew out
from the trees in a blurred, quick movement. It grabbed my
arms and pulled me to the ground. I could only shriek as I fell.
It had three heads sitting upon its body; the one in the
middle was human, but had vibrant yellow eyes, and its skin
seemed to be barely attached and hung grotesquely. The second
one - on its left shoulder - was a horse, a light-brown chestnut
with black eyes that were staring straight at me. The one on the
other shoulder was a wolf, a blood-soaked snarling wolf, with
bright yellow eyes like the man in the middle; it looked ready to
shred me.
I fell back onto my arms and tried to crawl backwards, away
from it, as fast as I could. Whimpering a little as he leaned down
and smiled in my face. The overwhelming stench of rotting flesh
and blood was the first things I noticed about it.
"Let me have that tongue mortal." He growled loudly at me.
I stayed frozen as he came closer, reaching his armor coated
hand up towards me, and he pulled the glove off and revealed a
disgusting sight. Decaying flesh and bones were sticking out,
with maggots crawling over it. He started to chuckle, reaching
closer and closer towards my face.

Product Details
Print Length: 272 pages
Publisher: Midnight Hour Publishing; 1 edition (July 7, 2012)
Language: English

L.D. Hutchinson was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. She's been writing since she could spell, she picked up a pen and never put it back down always pulling out idea's. Her love for reading came when she was about eight and she read her first book, Hawksong a book that helped influence many of the short stories she's written. L.D. now works for Midnight Hour Publishing, releasing her first book April 13th 2012 and many more after that. Shadows in the Dark her first release and the first book in a Novella series that's been floating around in her head for the past 7 and a half years. She lives with her two dogs and three cats in Ohio. She's currently at work going to college to major in English lit and Minor in Art. Her next book to be released is a full lengthed Novel called Book of Curses, and maybe even a Anthology or two here or there. You can find her reading a book or two at home while constantly checking her Facebook and E-mail, pondering about her next book or the next good game to play.
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