Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Amazing Adventure of Paddy Platypus by Tom De Paolo

The Amazing Adventure of Paddy Platypus

Can sudden fame and fortune replace the love and connection we have of our home? What is a platypus and what makes these creatures so unique in the animal kingdom? These questions and more are answered in this heartwarming story about a platypus that discovers that home is truly where the heart is. “The Amazing Adventure of Paddy Platypus” is the story of Paddy, the fastest swimmer on the island of Tasmania. He is so fast that Sir Hugh Tidybrooke, the head of the Department of Waterways, Foreign Affairs and Underground Railways convinces Paddy that he should go with him to the United States and enter the swimming championships in Los Angeles. Paddy wins all the races he enters but is frustrated with the hubbub of activity in the big city. He doesn’t enjoy his sudden fame - reporters harass him, bellboys try to take his traveling kit, and his life is turned upside down. In the final championship ocean race, he surprises everyone when he keeps on going and swims all the way home to Tasmania and peace.

My thoughts:
I really enjoyed this inspiring book. The uniqueness of the animal being presented, along with the moral that it is ok to be good at a specific skill, makes this a great learning book for younger children. It shows that even though you may be uncomfortable with a situation, in the end you are still yourself. This is a longer book, so I would not recommend it right before bedtime as you'll be answering questions for quite awhile :)

About the author:
Tom de Paolo, a native of Hollywood, California, graduated from the University of Southern California where he studied film. Upon graduation he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and was able to contribute his talents to a movie crew documenting World War II. Now retired from the television industry and from being a marketing consultant for Disneyland, he resides in Laguna Beach where he writes and enjoys golf. De Paolo has also published four cookbooks and a fitness book for senior citizens.

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