Friday, August 03, 2012

Anger Mastery by Kevin B. Burk

Anger Mastery
Good morning. This is your wake-up call. Your life is a constant struggle. No matter how hard you work, things aren't improving. You're not happy. You haven't been happy for so long that you don't know what happy is anymore. And worst of all, you don't have enough energy to do anything about it, because other people are stealing it from you. This energy is more vital and more useful than gas or electricity: it's anger. When you learn how to master your anger, you can avoid ever being a victim again. Your anger can help you to get everything you want. Ultimately, your anger can help you to become truly happy. But first, you have to learn to master your anger. If you don't master your anger, it will master you, and you will continue to be victimized and manipulated. You will waste more energy, and feel less happy. In other words, your life will continue exactly as it is now. But it doesn't have to be that way. Follow the three-step Anger Mastery Process to: Take control of your life and stop being a victim. Reclaim your energy and use it to create the life you deserve. Protect yourself from the pain of loss by becoming truly Safe. Stop wasting your time on distractions and focus on what really matters to you. Become completely happy.

My thoughts:
I requested to review this book in anticipation of being able to help some of my more "aggressive" friends/family with their emotions. There were quite a few new ideas that I learned, one of which was harnessing and direction of anger instead of bottling it up. This is a very useful, but hard to "enforce", idea that could potentially change the world, in MY opinion. While I enjoyed the down-to-Earth attitude of the author, I found some of the book a bit redundant, having had those thoughts presented to be previously. Overall it is a great tool for those that are really willing to try and help themselves or others.

About the Author:
Kevin B. Burk is an internationally-acclaimed astrologer, author, relationship coach and spiritual counselor. He holds a Level IV certification in Astrological Counseling from NCGR, he is an MTI Certified Mediator of Workplace Conflict, and he is a graduate of the Holmes Institute Professional Practitoner Studies program.

Kevin has taught astrology, relationship and relationship astrology workshops in cities across the United States. He has been helping clients worldwide to improve every aspect of their lives since 1996.

Kevin launched his "Spiritual Training" practice in 2008 with the intention of creating a model that would provide practical support and training to enable his clients to experience meaningful and lasting improvements in the qualitity of their lives.

Kevin works with clients via telephone, and also sees clients in person in his totally awesome counseling space in La Mesa, California, just east of San Diego.

You can stalk the author at Goodreads, Facebook, Amazon, and his Website.

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