Thursday, August 09, 2012

Oceana by CC Lindh

"oceana: a love story" follows Oceana, a lifelong surfer and former fashion model, who finds solace for the losses in her life in the waves of the ocean. Oceana has grown to love only the ocean - surfing and teaching others how to care for the ocean. Things change for her when she meets her younger neighbor, a British professional golfer named Guy. Their meeting is accidental, but it leads to another meeting at the ocean when Oceana takes Guy surfing. Surfing lessons and golf lessons turn into dinner dates and eventually a twenty-first century love affair blossoms between the two athletes. Their worlds change when, one night, Oceana doesn't come home from surfing. "oceana: a love story" is about love, loss, and transformation. Oceana and Guy are both strong, intelligent and successful athletes and their age difference is irrelevant to them. They deeply love completely different sports and yet they come to value, respect and love each other. Like the sea and the land, Oceana and Guy come to define and transform each other. This soulful tale of enduring love is printed in blue type and immediately immerses the reader in the story and transports the reader to a world where the ocean itself is a kind of character. This strong presence of the ocean in "oceana: a love story" will remind readers to protect our valuable natural surroundings as well.

When I was asked to review this book, I just could not resist. I mean look at that cover!! Anything that gorgeous deserves at least a quick look through ;) I really enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters and while the book was short, the story was well developed. When I got to the end, I was a little disappointed that it was over, but was not longing for more of the story. I can't wait to read more from the author :)

cc lindh is a teacher, writer, artist, and musician. cc has spent most of her adult life as a teacher working with young children and while doing this work she has been able to incorporate her love of the arts and to share the wondrous beauty of our natural world with little children while helping them to grow and learn.

cc has a song that she composed and recorded on iTunes called: "Kitchen Table in My Heart." She founded the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival in NYC and had a section of Avenue B in New York City renamed Charlie Parker Place. In addition, she has created concerts in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to benefit her community. Her deep love of music is felt in oceana: a love story.

cc also enjoys photography and exploring the loveliness and grace of our planet and sharing it with others. Her work can be seen online at cc is presently working on the screenplay for oceana: a love story. She wishes to thank everyone who helped her bring her novella to fruition. Peace and love to all!

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