Sunday, August 05, 2012

A Quest for Good Manners by Karin Lefranc

A Quest for Good Manners
Rosalind is not your typical princess--she and her pet dragon, Sparkler, are very rude. ''What's the big deal with manners anyway?'' the princess asks. ''Why do we always have to say please and thank you? And who cares how we use a napkin?''

Appalled by this behavior, the queen banishes the impolite pair from her castle until they find Good Manners. Percival, the wizard, sends them on their quest with the help of a magic fork, facing several challenges along the way. Not until the final test do Rosalind and Sparkler discover the real secret behind Good Manners.

Manners are more than mere rules of etiquette--good manners make others feel at ease and are the foundation of compassion and gratitude. It is a never-ending quest for parents and teachers to instill in our children the importance of good manners. This book is a precious tool in achieving that goal. Children and parents alike will love--and learn from--this story.

My thoughts:
I requested to review this book in anticipation of having a great tool to teach younger children. Boy am I glad that I received this book! This is a great way to show children why it's a good thing to be nice and say please/thank you/etc. I can't wait to see what else the author comes out with!!

About the author:
Born in Sweden, Karin Lefranc moved at age three to spend the remaining years of her childhood living in Lebanon, then South Africa and finally England. She has always loved writing, which her career reflects. From writing for newspapers to working for book publishing companies, she finally took a leap to write on her own. A Quest for Good Manners is her first book.

She teaches manners classes to boys and girls in Connecticut where she lives with her husband and four children, three girls and a boy. Sometimes they need to go on a quest to find good manners, but they usually find them by the end of dinner!"

You can stalk Karin on Goodreads, Amazon, her Website and Facebook.

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