Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trigger Bruiser by Michael Sweet Blog Tour Excerpt 5/23

Hello everyone!!! I'm today's stop on Michael's "Trigger Point" tour :) He's given me an excerpt from the book. I've added some more info about the book, so sit back, relax, and learn a bit more about the book :)

Demons have invaded the magical world of Delve, and with everyone from the bubbling black swamps of Oblivion to the desolate wastes of Sandfall falling prey to possession, it's up to a fated few to battle the invaders back to the abyss.

When the immortal dragon-mage, Ellipsis, discovers this strange new threat to his kingdom, he races to the neighboring city to raise the alarm. Arriving much too late, Ellipsis walks right into the demons' trap and is forced to unleash his most devastating spell--one that tears a hole in the unseen veil that separates Delve from parallel world, Earth.

The gravedigger, Ben Lott, has problems of his own. He's grown tired of being alone. It's been ten years since a mysterious accident claimed the life of the woman he loved. Now, seconds before he plans to pull the trigger and be reunited with his lost love on the other side, a fiery explosion knocks him off his feet and sends him tumbling through space and time--delivering him into the hands of the demon-possessed knights of Delve.

Rescued by fate and recruited by Ellipsis, Ben follows a dark and dangerous road with new friends, a rekindled sense of purpose, and a second chance with the love he thought was lost long ago.

With the help of the famed bounty hunter, Eron Emerald, who can unravel illusions as easily as he can weave his own masterful deceptions, and a seemingly cold-blooded witch who hides more than just her magically enhanced eyes beneath the brim of her oversized steepled hat, the battle between good and evil is anyone's game. But in a world where everyone is keeping secrets and nothing's as it seems, these heroes will have to face their own demons before they can ever hope to defeat those that came from the abyss.

I have a better idea, thought Lily, gazing past their armor, their flesh. Let's see what they really look like.
     The connection was made, severing Lily's umbilical cord to reality. Darkness consumed her thoughts--a vast, empty space, weightless and cold. The chill settled into her bones, numbing her senses, pulverizing her wits until she was too sluggish and disorientated to think clearly enough to stagger back into her own realm of thought.
     It was then that she saw the light. Two pale lamps drifting through the lightless starscape. They were the twins.
     To her surprise, the essences within the knights were not like the ones she had glimpsed within Ellipsis and the traveler. Rather than perfectly black ink blots, they appeared bluish gray, like the smoke from a campfire dying out in the light of dawn. But she needn't have done this, for already her heart had scrambled for a wicked bone and found only two confused spirits in search of their home.

About the Author:
Michael C. Sweet lives in a small town in Southern Kentucky with his son Alex and his bride-to-be, Lisa. Like his character Ben Lott, he spends most of his days dreaming of faraway places and hopes to share those dreams with the rest of the world.

You can stalk Michael on his Website and Goodreads.
You can buy Michael's books on Amazon.

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