Monday, July 30, 2012

Touch of the Gods by DX Luc Blog Tour Interview/Giveaway

About the Book:
Give me the blurb for the book in 140 characters or less:
When love and war make a little wager, what could possibly go wrong?

I am Hephaestus. God of inventions, blacksmiths, and volcanoes. Sounds like I'm awesome right? Well, I'm not. In fact, I'm the loser of Olympus and a new bachelor to boot. Living the single life is great until a decade passed. Honestly if my divorce from the Goddess of Love wasn't bad enough, I am still being rejected by the other women of my home.

Because of an incessant need to make me a pawn in his game, my brother, Ares convinces Eros to make a little bet. A wager that puts my lack of love life to the test. Sent to Earth, I'm skeptical, when suddenly I lose myself in the sensual scent and beauty of the full bodied Vanessa. She is my everything, my perfection.

Sadly, from a single caress upon her silky flesh, I sent our lives into a downward spiral of hell. To save her, I must get beyond my demons of the past. And to save me, she will have to decide if I'm worth giving up everything for.

Do you have a favorite character? Why is he your favorite?

I would have to say Eros is my favorite character. I believe that everyone needs to have that friend who sees the cup half full all the time to keep the world turning. Eros, the God of Love, is just that guy. He has so much faith in 'Happily Ever After' that he believed in Hephaestus to find his one and only true love.

What do you hope readers will get from your book?

I hope my readers finally see that even the underdog can come out on top. Both my hero and heroine have flaws about themselves and yet they manage to pull through in the name of love.

About the Author:
What/Who inspires you? 

As cheesy as it sounds, my kids. I have three amazing kiddos and while I want to take the credit for their total awesomeness, I can't. I can only sit back and continue to watch them make me smile, laugh, and beam with pride everyday.

Hardest aspect of writing? Best/Easiest? 

Letting my story end. I have the hardest time saying goodbye to my characters. I think it's why I write in series because then I can revisit them. When I wrote this book and I knew I was coming to the end, I struggled with doing writing the last chapter. Not because I didn't have it planned out, but because I wanted to be with my hero and heroine a bit longer.

Who is your writing hero? 

Edgar Allen Poe. Hands down.

About the Future:
What’s next for you? 

I have one book, a second portion to a series that has been contracted already and I do plan on working on the sequel to Touch of the Gods sometime in the fall.

One outrageous goal for the future? 

To hug and snuggle with a tiger. Largest cat in the world? Sign me up!

Do you have any advice you'd like to share with other aspiring writers? 

Do not ever stop loving what you write. Don't stop remembering why you write. It's a passion and even when rejection letters or bad reviews come, don't let those bring you down. We write to bring the world our creativity and we love it. Spread the love.

Sweet or salty? Spicy ;-)

Beach, plains or mountains? Live on the coast so it has to be the beach for me.

Online, letters or in person? I like being around people so I would have to be in person.

Ebook or print? It used to be print, but with three small kids I tend to find drawings in my favorite books anymore these days.

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Here's the rest of the tour. Please stop by and see what everyone else is up to ;)


  1. What a neat way to get to know DX!

  2. Awesome interview, DX! And I totally get you when you say it's hard to say good-bye to one's characters. I think that's why I always like to insert a tidbit of them into the next book...I want to know they're still okay and in love! LOL.

  3. D X, Hephaestus is intriguing - can I have him? Congrats on the book!

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  6. All my books have drawings in the too! It adds character to them and makes me smile when I see it knowing my kids were trying to be writers!

  7. thanks so much for a great giveaway! Gale Nelson

  8. Thank you all and thank you Brittany for having me here today! And Hephaestus is a sexy god indeed! Might have to talk to Vanessa about sharing lol.

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