Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zoctornyia (Vultar's Heart, Body, and Soul Mate Part 1) by Beth Wright

A whole new world is now being brought to our human race. What will unfold for those who enter into it and who will be there to help teach us on the way. Will one human female named Elizabeth be able to stay alive.

I received this short story from the Author and have in no way been compensated for my review. First off I have to say that this is not usually a type of book that I would get "into" since the whole "other worlds" thing doesn't really float my boat, but holy moly! I downloaded it off of smashwords because A) a bunch of fellow reviewers were raving about how great the story was and B) it was FREE! After reading this first part I will definitely be buying parts 2-4 to complete the story!
It starts out with Elizabeth going in the basement after hearing noises and being knocked out cold by the 3 guys down there. She ends up in a dungeon where she meets Vultar (swoon!!!) and his son Tronarc, whose "people" end up breaking all of them out of the jail. In the process Vultar completely mesmerizes Elizabeth (and me!) and tells her that they are soul-mates, that his name for her is Setiana, and that he will never let any harm come to her. I won't spoil the rest of the story so I will stop there. But I definitely can't wait to finish this story! It is an amazingly unique find :)

You can buy the book FOR FREE!!!!! at the following location:

More info on the Author:!/profile.php?id=100000095308518

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