Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zoctornyia (Malver Part 1) by Beth Wright

Malver turns to his father."You must stay hidden son. For if she sees you, she will be frightened off," his father says as both of them divert their eyes back to the young female sitting by the river.
His heart sings out to hers. A longing he has never felt before. He feels the need to touch her. It builds as her face turns more his way. 
His father lightly taps his shoulder. He turns and notices the leader guards walking towards them. 
The one stops beside Malvar.
Did you mate her yet?
He drifts his eyes back to the young beauty. His sigh tells the guards his answer.
You have been coming here for four months now, yet you have not sedduced her to mate you.

This is another short story series that I received from the Author. The story line is great! It has some of the same characters as Vultar's series but the author introduces new characters as well as the usual twists and turns that make her stories so much fun to read!! Definitely can't wait for her to finish this series :)

You can get the book at the following location:

More info on the Author:!/profile.php?id=100000095308518

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