Sunday, July 08, 2012

Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 by CR Hiatt Character Meet and Greet

Author CR Hiatt has stopped by today with a guest post for the Gone at Zero Hundred blog tour!

When I sit down to write a screenplay or novel, I have a board that sits in front of me, where I post the names of characters and brief description that will help me when writng the story. Once I have the personality traits, I search the IMDB for actors I think could be ideal for the role. Here’s what I came up with. Anna McSwain: A single mother to Sydney, and she works as a private investigator. Sydney often referred to her as being as beautiful and perfect as a porcelain doll. Actress, Courteny Cox was the easy choice for Anna.
Sydney Marie McSwain: She’s 18-years-old, snarky and full of attitude when she takes over her mother’s investigator firm after witnessing her murder on live TV. Known for being a tomboy, she’s more comfortable in her distressed Levi’s and boots, and would rather roll around in the mud at the paintball obstacle coursel. Actress and singer, Miley Cryus is growing up. After catching her in the movie, The Last Song, I imagined her playng the part of Sydney when writing the script. She could pull of the tomboy with attitude that’s necessary for the role, and she looks great in her distressed jeans.
Cody Beck: One of Sydney’s best friends. His hobby is making flms and posting his creations on YouTube, as well as assisting in the P.I. firm. As a one-man film team, he learned the art of Kickboxing so he could choreograph his own work. In high school, he was known as the charming prankster who conned his way out of detention when he brought an exploding mannequin to school. Actor, Oliver Jackson-Cohen would make a perfect Cody. Aside from being handsome, he’s got the charming smile that can disarm the females with just one look. And look, he’s obviously proficient with technology, as is Cody in Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00.
  Jaden White: He was also the star who led the high school hockey team to two championships, and now scouts are watching him for the future. He’s the compassionate and sensitive one of the trio of friends with Sydney and Cody. Actor, Taylor Lautner was my pick for him.
Ace Carter: He is the 40-something detective who worked with Anna McSwain, and has looked out for Sydney most of her life. He is kind and caring when needed, but tough as nails in the line of duty. Actor, Rob Lowe was the natural choice for him.
  Aaron Grant: The son of a wealthy attorney who dabbles in politics. Abandoned by his mother, he never had to work for anything, money and possessons were given in the place of love. With good looks, and an innocent smile, nobody knows the devil lurking wthin. Actor, Ben Barnes, would be perfect as Aaron Grant.
Summer Klein: Born with beauty, but lacking in lovel. She grew up watching her father parade young women in and out of their lives until he finally married the mother of David Klein - her stepbrother. Not long after, they were killed in a crash. Megan Fox would be a good choice for her. But you’ll have to read the book to find out why.
 David Klein: Summer’s stepbrother, and a bartender at The Devil’s Door. He considers himself a playboy and tough guy, but he’s really a follower who needs to be told what to do. Actor, Tom Felton would make a great David Klein. In Harry Potter we saw that same, tough guy exterior.
If you’ve already read the book, feel free to post comments on who you think would be better choices. 
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  1. Hi Brittany - Thank you for being a host on my blog tour. It is fun for readers when they have an idea of what actors the author had in mind when writing the book, so thank you for posting the photographs. I appreciate the efforts. Thank you so much.