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Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 by CR Hiatt Blog Tour Interview

Author CR Hiatt has stopped by for an interview about her new book, Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00.

About the Book
Give me the blurb for the book in 140 characters or less: 
“A Patterson-style action-thriller for young adults in the vein of Veronica Mars meets Alex Rider”

Do you have a favorite character? Why is she your favorite?
I guess if I have to choose it would be Sydney McSwain. She is dealt some heavy blows, but she doesn’t lie down and whine, she gets up and fights back.

What do you hope readers will get from your book? 
One of the most important aspects of the novel I wish readers (especially teens and young adults) would pick up from the story is to be more careful about the situations they put themselves in. The victims in the story found themselves in precarious situations, and were easily preyed upon. Human Trafficking is the number one crime, because of the amount of money predators can make on the sale of humans. My hope is that readers will pick up on my subtle message, and start to pay attention. Hanging out at the mall with friends these days, is not even as safe as it used to be. Predators don’t sit back and wait for a victim to come to them, they study teen behavior and traits, where they go to hang out, what makes them tick. They take that information and search out the vulnerable teens, and use whatever means necessary to prey on them. 

About the Author: 
What/Who inspires you? 
Simple things inspire me, and I never forget them. My aunt inspired me, when she took time out of her day to make food for the volunteer fireman in her small town, even though she had 8 kids of her own, and was living on one income. Amanda inspired me when she wrote a letter claiming I was her hero, and she won an award in her school for the emotional words. Bradley L. inspired me when he stepped up to the plate in a little league baseball game, swung the bat and connected with the ball; then ran to first base as if he just hit a grand slam. You see, he was suffering with Cerebral Palsey, and had worn braces on his legs for the first several years of his life. The men and women who sign up to be police officers, firefighters, and military personnel inspire me. 

Hardest aspect of writing? Best/Easiest? 
Writng is a lone profession. That’s hard for someone who has always been outgoing. The easiest part is getting in the zone of a scene. You can actually feel the adrenaline rush of your own chase scene. 

Who is your writing hero? 
J.K. Rowling because she got kids to read, again. 

About the Future: 
What’s next for you? 
I plan to publish the sequel, Fireworks on the 4th. 

One outrageous goal for the future? 
 Being the director on the set of one of my stories. 

Do you have any advice you'd like to share with other aspiring writers? 
Write what you love. Social media is your friend. If you can, make an author platform on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads before you’re ready to publish. It is so much easier to put your work out to the public when you have a built in following of friends to support and encourage you. 

Sweet or salty? Sweet 
Beach, plains or mountains? Beach 
Online, letters or in person? In person 
Ebook or print? Ebook. Love my Kindle 

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