Friday, January 11, 2013

Untimed by Andy Gavin Blog Tour

Charlie’s the kind of boy that no one notices. Hell, even his own mother can’t remember his name. And girls? The invisible man gets more dates.
As if that weren’t enough, when a mysterious clockwork man tries to kill him in modern day Philadelphia, and they tumble through a hole into 1725 London, Charlie realizes even the laws of time don’t take him seriously.
Still, this isn’t all bad. In fact, there’s this girl, another time traveler, who not only remembers his name, but might even like him! Unfortunately, Yvaine carries more than her share of baggage: like a baby boy and at least two ex-boyfriends! One’s famous, the other’s murderous, and Charlie doesn’t know who is the bigger problem.
When one kills the other — and the other is nineteen year-old Ben Franklin — things get really crazy. Can their relationship survive? Can the future? Charlie and Yvaine are time travelers, they can fix this — theoretically — but the rules are complicated and the stakes are history as we know it.
And there's one more wrinkle: he can only travel into the past, and she can only travel into the future!


• What three things would you take to a Desert Island?
My laptop, a coconut powered generator, and a satellite modem.

• How do you fall in love? At first sight? Over a long period?
I used to fall in love at first sight. It had something to do with mannerisms. However, I realized in my late twenties that this was an illusion. I was falling in love with the person I thought they were (intuitively). Real love is (slightly) slower.

• Did you turn out the way you expected? The way your parents predicted? 
I expected to be EMPEROR OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE, or perhaps the architect of a new revised humanity 2.0. I’m not really kidding. Still, I turned out pretty well 

• What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?
I get goosebumps and start crying at certain supernatural scenes. Like Dracula dying at the end of the Coppola movie. Call me twisted.

• What one physical attribute would you change?
I could stand to lose 20-30 pounds! Too bad my favorite food is cheese.

• What do you consider your special talent?
I learn really fast. I can learn anything that isn’t too physical and I take pride in tackling new things. I’ve switched careers several times and in some of my hobbies (for example, sommelier, historian, photographer) I’m better (or at least more knowledgeable) than many professionals.

• What do you wish your special talent was?
I’ve thought about this a lot. Probably I’d be a telepath/pusher like Professor X. The combo of reading minds and controlling them would be totally badass, if horrifically unethical. And I’ve always been keen on having all the information. A vampire wouldn’t be too bad either if I didn’t have to kill my victims, only snack a bit.

• Describe your ideal mate.
My wife.

• What are you most afraid of?
Sloth. You know that scene in the movie Seven where the guy is tied to the bed for a year? That’s it, my worst nightmare.

• What's the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?
My friends and family. Cliché, but true.

• How do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you like to change?
Pretty darn good. I’d like to see my novel Untimed made into a big budget feature film. I’m adapting it as a screenplay and I’d love to produce it as well. I’d be a great film producer. I was a great video game producer, they aren’t that different.

• What or who is the greatest love of your life?
Again, my wife!

• What is your favorite journey?
I adore Italy. I’ve spent about 9 months there in different stints.

• What is your most marked characteristic?

• When and where were you the happiest?
Watching a great TV show (like Buffy) is pretty good. Haha. But best of all is a fantastic dinner with great wine and even better friends and family.

• What is your greatest extravagance?
I have a lot of those. I always buy the new iPhone. I buy a lot of great wine, at least 2500-3000 bottles. And I go to crazy dinners like 27 courses of truffles. That’s probably my “greatest” extravagance. You can find it at too.

• What is your motto?
Do it faster, do it better.

• How would you like to die?
After a great meal at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, when the Milky Way collapses into itself and becomes a single super black hole.

Andy Gavin is a serial creative, polymath, novelist, entrepreneur, computer programmer, author, foodie, and video game creator. He co-founded video game developer Naughty Dog and co-created Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter. He started numerous companies, has been lead programmer on video games that have sold more than forty million copies, and has written two novels including The Darkening Dream, a dark historical fantasy that puts the bite back in vampires.


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