Monday, October 29, 2012

Masquerade by Nicole Flockton Blog Tour Guest Post/Giveaway

After being humiliated by her fiancée, Sophie Franklyn has decided that getting involved with work colleagues and men in general isn’t for her. Now her focus is going to be on her career and her recent promotion. That is until at a New Year’s eve masquerade ball, she meets a man that tempts her to question her choices.

Alex Scavoni is extremely dedicated to his job, so dedicated that his first marriage crumbled under the pressure of his dedication. Now he’s happily single, with a new job he is excited to start. When he meets a masked Sophie at the ball, she fires desires in him he thought long dead. He spends a wonderful night with her, but wakes up alone.

The next time the two meet, it’s in the high pressure world of Emergency Room medicine where they must work side by side. While they deal with the stresses of the Emergency ward, they endeavour to keep their feelings for each other on a professional nature. When the desire that pushed them together that one night flares to life again, can they ignore them or will their one night together have consequences neither of them planned on?

Hi Brittany and thanks for having me visit your blog today!

I was thinking about the topic of this blog and you suggested I talk about any hobbies I might have. Well apart from writing my other hobby is reading. I guess I could regale you about the books I’ve read and well, to be honest I’ve pretty much read romance all my life. Even the Robin Cook books and Sidney Sheldon books I read all had an undercurrent of a romance in them.
But when I was a child I had a few interests. One of the first ones was knitting. My mum and grandma always knitted. So I decided I wanted to learn. I made the most awesome red and white scarf to wear to the football games to watch my favourite team. But it’s not football as in NFL or football as in Soccer. It’s football as in Australian Rules football. I’ve been watching that game since I can remember. It’s really nothing like the NFL. It’s fast and physical and there are no time outs. If you want to know more, google Australian Rules Football, there are plenty of You Tube videos to check out this game that’s unique to Australia. See I start thinking about boys in tight shorts and I lose my train of thought, where was I? Oh that’s right hobbies.

After my foray into knitting, which lasted a few years, I began stamp collecting. I was an avid collector for a few years, but then well, stamps weren’t that exciting. My parents still have boxes of stamp albums at the house. I didn’t bring them with me when we moved to Houston from Australia.
I then found Ballroom Dancing and that I loved. I was pretty good at it too, but I didn’t do competition dancing which I really wanted to do. I was too short and too old – yes at the young age of 14 I was too old to find a suitable dance partner. So the only time I got to wear the pretty costumes was when I was going for a medal. But I love to dance and watching Dancing with the Stars always gets me wanting to get back on the dance floor.

Nowadays writing has become my focus. When I started it was a far off dream. A wouldn’t it be great thought to have my name on the cover of a book. Now I do and it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.

No matter what your hobbies are, they can take you to incredible highs and fulfil all your dreams.

Nicole is an Australian living in Houston Tx when she’s not chasing the kids or the dog, she is writing romances where she can escape to a world she can control. She writes contemporary romances where you could find yourself in the chaos of a hospital emergency ward or in the high powered boardroom of a powerful, yet sexy, executive. 


You can find out more about her at

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