Monday, March 05, 2012

Mystery in Trilogy by Ruth G. King

Mystery in Trilogy


This trilogy eloquently illustrates how the seemingly impossible can happen. In the first story, Soccer Mystery recounts the tale of a young boy, Jamal, who discovers a lonely boy in an abandoned house. They quickly become friends and play soccer together daily. But as the boy’s mysterious presence becomes surrounded by unanswered questions, Jamal begins to wonder if his new friend is actually a ghost. The second story, Party House, shows a young family moving to a new city and buying a new home. As they settle in, neighbors begin to complain about the noise at night…the loud partying and laughing, but the noise is heard while the family is fast asleep! Finally, Shadows Across the Sea reveals a ship that mysteriously docks at a marina with one mate aboard, passed out, and no captain! What happened to the ship? Where are the passengers? Read Mystery in Trilogy to find out the answers to these burning questions.

My thoughts:
I enjoyed this series of short stories because you could sit down for 15 minutes, read one quickly and then get back to what you needed to be doing. My favorite story of the three was "Shadows across the Sea" because it was a bit more engaging than the other two stories, in my opinion. But I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy the other two, they are definitely worth the read :) I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good short mystery :)

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