Friday, March 23, 2012

Invisible Wings by Janell Rhiannon

Invisible Wings 

An angel is sent from the Eternity to live as a teenage girl. She's not beautiful and she's not fallen. She's here to assist her classmates with their true destinies. She doesn't even tell you her name until the end of all the stories.

She always knew she was a little different from other kids because she "heard" things that no one else could, like the sound of light and strange mystical bells. She noticed things that others seemed to overlook, like the way life is like a footprint in the sand with the ocean washing you away bit by bit or the way bullets fly like butterflies.

One day, out of the blue, she heard her cat and a mysterious Voice. That's when the odd teenager learned she wasn't like everyone else. Something she'd suspected all along. She discovered she was really an angel with a gift: the ability to hear the secret thoughts of others and make their wishes come true. There was also a catch; she only had a single second on any given day when she could make a difference. Right before the first star popped into the twilight sky, she was allowed to shed her human skin and become an invisible guide of destiny.

Invisible Wings is the angel's story about how she changed the course of twelve kids' lives in her high school classes. Their wishes were simple. There was Bryson who wanted to kiss the lips of a girl named Sapphire, Jayla who wanted to be white instead of African-American, Homer who wanted his soul-mate to drop from the sky, Ramon who wanted to be in a gang like his father, and ska8rat Jay who wanted to stop the noise in his head with dare-devil skating boarding tricks. The angel works her "magic" in their lives, as well as the lives of seven others.

12 Lives, 12 Twilights, 12 life altering experiences.

My thoughts:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is divided into 12 different sections that are completely independent of one another, aside from the same angel helping her classmates. I liked the layout because I was able to read a story per night right before bed without feeling pressured to continue on. Each story was skillfully crafted to make you sit back and think about the things that you may or may not regret doing during your lifetime. The overall theme of the book is that God doesn't give us more than we can handle, and sometimes we DO get our prayers answered, even if it is something as simple as kissing your high school crush. I really love how the author continued driving the same concept (God does what he wants and what WE want may not fall into His plan...) over and over, but doesn't necessarily force the subject upon you. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a little reminder that there is a plan and everything will work out like it needs to be done :)

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  1. omg! how did I not see this? I remember reading it on Facebook or Goodreads. This made my day to see it like brand new:) YEA! Thank you again for taking time to read this:)