Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shadows of Kings by Jack Whitsel Blog Tour Interview

Hello all!! I have had the great opportunity to interview Jack for his "Shadows of Kings" Blog Tour. So sit back, relax, and get to know Jack a little better :)

About the Book:
Give me the Blurb for the book:

Steel and sorcery clash as the Harhn incursion sweeps through the Hugue. Mankind faces its greatest peril without the Order Knights of legend to defend them. Crusading deep in the frontier, the Order is unaware of the savage beasts threatening their homeland as the Hugue realms muster their armies for war.

Between a cunning Harhn sorcerer, and an alliance forged with the decadent Darkfey, the Horde threatens to extinguish the domains of Man. Only Lord Baudouin and Lady Lucia, a Dragon Maiden from the Order, stand in the enemy's path. One must find the strength to unify the realms. The other must discover the strength within her, while coming to terms with the agendas of her Order. But only together will there be any hope to repel the onslaught, and preserve the future for a mysterious girl they do not know.

Do you have a favorite character? Why is he/she/it your favorite?

I find that my favorite character changes from day to day - depending on mood. Though this sounds very cliché, they are all my children, therefore all are beloved.

What do you hope readers will get from your book?

Prepare for an exciting ride. I'm going to give you knights, magic and mayhem until you can't take it anymore. I'm not here to impress you...but to entertain you. Shadows of Kings is the perfect blend of medieval grit and High Fantasy - and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

About the Author:
What/Who inspires you?

Nothing inspires me more than my two boys. Though I have always possessed an active imagination - the joy I have with writing stems from them.

Hardest aspect of writing? Best/Easiest?

The hardest aspect of writing is the delicate balance of time. An author's endeavor does not end putting thoughts to paper. There's writing, rewriting, editing, rewriting again, editing again...and again. Then you have social networking, promotion, advertising, finances, and eventually...back to writing.

Who is your writing hero?

In the world of writing, I don't believe fantasy authors qualify as hero's. I think all fiction authors have a little bit of geek in them. However, there are non-fiction authors that are cut from a different cloth - whose lives are constantly threatened due to their convictions. Me...It's just knights, wizards, monsters, oh my!

About the Future:
What's next for you?

Aside from my continuous work on the Dragon Rising series, I'm hoping to put some time aside for sleep...perhaps three days straight. And at the end of June is my release party, where revelries will definitely be undertaken.

One outrageous goal for the future?

I'm going work with my brother on the screenplay for Shadows of Kings. He's a talented actor /screenwriter whose done some independent film work. We'll pitch, push, and sleep with every producer's wife until we get this into the right hands. Well...maybe he will - he's the good looking one.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share with other aspiring writers?

Just write! Don't worry about potential publishers, critics or agents. When you are ready and they are ready...the deal will come. Until then, just write and enjoy it.

Sweet or salty?

Hand me the salt shaker...NOW!

Beach, plains or mountains?

There is nothing in all of creation that is as beautiful as the female body. And there is no better way to see this work of art in great numbers than the beaches of our planet.

Online, letters or in person?

When it comes to matters of the heart, please share with me in person, otherwise...a text will do.

Ebook or print?
You might as well ask me whether I prefer to be on top or bottom - all depends on the mood.

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  1. Thank you, Brittany, for a wonderful spotlight, and being part of the blog tour.

    Oceans of Love,


  2. A great interview Brittany. A pleasure to read.