Saturday, June 23, 2012

In The Shadow of Vesuvius by Liz Carmichael

Author Liz Carmichael has stopped by today with a teaser of her book In The Shadow of Vesuvius.

He jabbered on and on about his orders and how he had to follow them – he was a slave after all. Just like me, he did not have the freedom to make his own choices. Was living as a slave in their current household not better than being sold to goodness knew who, to do goodness knows what? There were worse things, he thought, than belonging to Dominus Octavius… 

While he droned on, I slipped my hand into the travel bag. Fingers searched out the knife. When I found it I hardened my mind, and took a firm grip on my thoughts. Then I wrapped my hand around the handle. With my grip firm, and my heart hammering against my ribs, I slid the blade, fraction by fraction, from the apple. 

Levi babbled about his duty to his owner: things weren’t so bad at Casa Octavius. We were treated well, had decent clothes, good food, and a nice bed to sleep in. What more could a slave ask for, or expect? Other slaves would see our lives as being luxurious… 

Slowly I pulled the knife towards the mouth of the bag.

Author Bio:
Although born in Scotland and spent time in other countries, Liz is now happily settled in Melbourne, Australia.

She is an editor as well as a writer and avid reader - especially historical fiction - who loves researching, though she can get so caught up in research she forgets about the story she's researching for.
Liz also draws and paints for relaxation, and will do illustrations for her books whenever possible. She walks her daughter's dog because both need the exercise.

She has a Dip. Art(Professional Writing and Editing), and taught writing and editing for two years until the need to concentrate fully on her own writing took over again.

Her favourite authors, in no particular order, are: Sue Monk Kidd, Sara Donati, Geraldine Brooks, Vanora Bennett, Sarah Dunant, Cormac McCarthy, Markus Suzak, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Robert Harris. For Crime: Michael Connelly, Minette Walters, Jeffrey Deaver, and Dean Koontz for his crime with humour. Newest favourite authors are Anne Obrien and Pauline Gedge - writers of historical fiction, of course.

The book trailer for In the Shadow of Vesuvius was made by Chuck Pride of "American Pride Productions"

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  1. Thanks, Brittany, for being a host on the tour and for allowing this excerpt.