Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Black Satin by Rae Hachton Tour Guest Post

I have had the lovely opportunity to be a part of the "Black Satin" tour. For today's post, Rae has joined us and given us a little insight to one of her favorite obsessions :) So without further's Rae...

My Undying Fascination with The Victorian Era & Goth

Oh Wow, Where do I even start?!

The Furniture? The Clothing? The Language? The Customs? Chivalry? ALL of that is super awesome!

And when I mix all of these awesome things with the idea of Goth, wow, I'm in total creation heaven! And...there is so much to be said about Steampunk + Victorian Era. I'm exuberantly animated right now just thinking about it. I could just go on and on and on.

Some awesome authors write about the Victorian Era, and some combine the Victorian Era Ideals with Steampunk elements or alternate realities.

In Black Satin, I mixed my love of the Victorian Era with Steampunk and Goth Elements. The whole time I was writing it, I was on the edge of my seat unable to type fast enough. That's exactly how happy it makes me. *Smiles*

I collect Victorian Literature, it's my absolute favorite thing to read. I study the Language of it, I study the diction. Some of the best writers emerged during that Era. I LOVE the concept of Gothic Romanticism, where a writer takes dark, horrific ideas and makes them rather appealing. This concept alone, helped shape Pretty in Black.

I wanted to combine Goth, Romanticism, and my favorite things from the Victorian Era, but give the story a very modern feel and not have it attached specifically to the Victorian Era, meaning, this is not the time frame in which the main story line took place.

I wanted it to be Gothic, Romantic, and Stylistic. I also wanted to toss in a little E.A. Poe flavor in the right measurement to give it an extra-special resonance. I had a lot of things I aimed to accomplish while writing this book.

In Black Satin, I wanted to incorporate my love of Steampunk, yet, I didn't want to do an alternate reality submerged in Victorian Era. I wanted to keep it modern, but have the other world that Ellie visits to be a world that echoed steampunk aspects.

But yes, as you can radiantly tell, I LOVE Victorian Gothic things. My dream is to live in a Victorian Castle, with Victorian Furniture and parade around in Victorian clothing and for vampires and gargoyles to be real so I can finally meet one. But this is a dream, a really, really far-fetched dream that I've had ever since ninth grade...and I'm 23 now. But now I live out my longtime daydream through creative fiction to make it seem more healthy that I'm still fantasizing about this magical world.

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