Monday, February 20, 2012

Vultar's Tellianar Part 1 By Beth Wright

Cover for 'Vultar's Tellianar  Part 1'

This is Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate remade. It has lots more added to it, especially Vultar's thoughts. 
A young eighteen year old female gets kidnapped from her own home.
While off in another world Vultar plans to get himself captured to find her, his heart, body and soul mate. 
What will her reaction be to seeing her soul mate, who is not human at all. This is his biggest fear, once she sees him will she run in fear?
You must read to see all the action, love, humor and sweetness all rolled into this one series. 

My thoughts:
This is yet another wonderful short story by Beth. She definitely has a knack for writing additive series. Setiana is put under a spell, wakes up and finds herself in yet another dungeon of some sort. Only this time she is put in with one of the most beautiful women she has ever seen...but what she finds out about said woman will knock your socks off. Definitely a great read :) I can't wait to see what Beth comes up with next!!!

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