Monday, February 20, 2012

Spotlight Author: MJ Schutte

MJ Schutte is another one of the amazing authors that donated to my Very First Giveaway!! His book "Energy" is on my 'to read' list and the next book "Birth of a Wizard" is on my 'have to have or I'll die' list ;) The Energy Chronicles is a series that you definitely don't want to miss!! So without further ado... Here's MJ!!

From a very early age I loved reading fantasy. There has always been a question that burned in my mind though: Where does magic come from?

The idea for “Energy” was sparked by this question.

Nothing can come from nothing.

If a wizard does something magical, like create fire, there has to be something behind the magic.

That something is energy.

My debut novel, Energy, is the first in a trilogy called The Energy Chronicles.

In this book the talent of energy manipulation is discovered and explored.

Some people have the talent to feel and take energy from other living things.

In rare cases this talent is very strong enabling a person to take, give and manipulate all forms of energy, even the temporary energy of an arrow in flight.

From the first chapter the reader will be drawn into Brighton and Lilian’s world, sharing the happiness, sadness, tragedy and love they share as they fight against all odds and great evil to be together.

Brighton faces seemingly insurmountable odds in his battle against evil and even has to cheat death to be with Lilian.

He is forced to use his talent to its fullest extent, and even beyond what he thought was possible, to save the people he loves.

Lilian also faces tough choices as she has to choose between her love for Brighton and saving the world from yet another evil tyrant.

In book II, Birth of a Wizard, the concept of energy manipulation and some other special talents are explored as well as the inevitable perceptions of magic and unwanted reputations that follows. Birth of a Wizard will be released on March 1st,  2012.

The third book, yet to be named, should be out by the end of the year.

Thank you for spending time with me today.
~MJ Schutte

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