Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Dark Side of the Mirror by R.L. Austin

Dark Side Of The Mirror

Emily has just turned fifteen when her family relocates from New York to San Francisco. She's not thrilled when they move in with her uncle to save money, but she's determined to cope. Her new life, however, quickly spirals out of control when her uncle turns out to be a creep, she can’t make any new friends, and her parents take her to a psychologist when she insists that voices are coming from the mirrors, voices only she can hear.

One of those voices belongs to a boy named Tyler. Emily feels drawn to him and decides to help, even after she discovers that her uncle imprisoned Tyler in the mirror. The decision sets her on a path of self-discovery, with new-found powers, a dark family secret, a cute boy she’s crazy about, parents who think she’s gone bonkers, and an uncle who wants to crush her.

Emily must find her inner strength before all her troubles come crashing down on top of her.

My thoughts:
Emily hears voices. On any other occasion I would be scared of her...but the author was able to take the character and actually make you feel sorry for her. Now with that said, I enjoyed this book :) The author very skillfully wrote the book so that the target age of 12 years could easily get "into" the book, but gave it enough substance that young adults, and older, could enjoy it as well. This is definitely a good "starter" book for children and young adults to start with if they think they might be interested in the fantasy genre. I recommend this book for all ages, since it is brilliantly told and can capture anyone's interest :)

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