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Demon Royale by Jill Cooper Blog Tour Character Interview

The only thing worse than dying, is running away…

Since becoming employed by a supernatural protection agency, Natalie Johnson’s life has been more interesting than ever. While most teens are working on their summer tans, Natalie works on slaughtering the undead lurking just outside her town’s borders.

The workload takes more than just a toll on her love life, it dampens her spirit and her health, as the town is plagued by a mysterious murderer intent on stealing the residents’ souls. Natalie’s investigation is hampered by her declining health and the sicker she gets, the more inadequate she feels.

Guilt over her inability to act, weighs heavily on Natalie’s shoulders during a time when her strength is needed more than ever. As some of those closest to her begin to lose faith, she must make the hardest stand yet to save the soul of the one person she can always count on:

The Slayer.

Interview with Natalie Johnson: 

• What three things would you take to a Desert Island?

A stake: Because you know that island will have at the very least zombie natives.

Sunscreen: I’m pale and I don’t tan well. I burn, then peel, then repeat.

Tristan Miller: Okay he’s not a thing, but he is a boyfriend. Slaying zombie natives on a desert island is going to be hard work!

• In your relationship with others, how are you different with family than you are with friends? Why?

My friends know all my secrets, so with them I am myself. I don’t need to hide my new confidence or skills.

My parents are a different story all together. My Dad is a drunk. There’s no way to avoid that truth and we rarely talk. When we do, it’s not usually chitchat, if you know what I mean.

I have to pretend I’m still just Natalie around them. They can’t know I’m fighting the undead in town, or that the undead even exist. It makes life tricky and lately it’s becoming harder to pretend.

• When you walk into a room, what do you notice first? Second?

Other than the cute decor and knickknacks? Where all the exits and entrances are. It’s what I’m trained to do.

Second, I notice whose outfit is outdated enough to label him a vampire and if someone is green and fangy, that’s sure to send up a few red flags!

• When you walk into a room, what do you expect people to notice about you?

Hopefully very little. That’s my MO. It allows me to scope out the situation and hope to find clues, while people ignore bumbling, clueless me. I’m like Clark Kent, with the glasses. But I don’t have a cape or the ability to fly. Dang.

• What are you most proud of about your life?

Saving the world. I know what your thinking. Wow! That’s so awesome, but really it wasn’t very awesome. People died and I was scared out of my mind. I guess I am just happy I survived!

• What is your current state of mind?

Being I’m typing this in the hospital, not very good.

I’m getting more headaches and fainting spells. I don’t know if this is my end, but my friends are faking cheerful and Mom is pacing so much she’s creating a pathway in the carpet.

But I have to stay optimistic. I still have a job to do. The demons that are in town aren’t going to wait for me to get better.

Guilt, regret for everything I’ve done, or haven’t done, that resulted in a person’s death makes me wonder if being a paladin is all it’s cracked up to be. But do I have a choice? I don’t know the answer to that question.

• What is your most treasured possession?

My wooden stake. I don’t go anywhere without it. You never know when the urge to slay will hit. Or when a demon horde will strike.

• What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My BFF, Tristan Miller. Now we’re more than just friends. We hold hands, go on dates, and sneak kisses around the house when no one is looking. It’s sweet and perfect. Now you gave my belly butterflies. Can’t wait to see him again.

• What do you most value in your friends?

Their ability to wield weapons and keep my covert undead killer status secret!

Seriously, I appreciate the help, but mostly I like the emotional support. Killing the undead is new to me. I rarely used to swat a fly in the old days. Now I’m expected to be a leader.

I lead, but not sure what I’m doing.

My friends keep me company on long stake outs. They make me laugh, remind me that underneath it all I’m still Natalie.

I like that. I wouldn’t have last year, but I like that.

• How would you like to die?

Touchy subject. But an appropriate one considering my line of work! I’d like to die sitting on my front porch, sipping an iced cold lemonade. There’d be an afghan on my lap because I’m old and gray. But with good skin. Hardly any wrinkles.

But that probably won’t happen. Instead I’ll probably die in a dark alley, fighting for my life. Hopefully not tomorrow. Or the day after that.

Jill  Cooper
About Jill Cooper:
Jill Cooper loves tea more than coffee and is obsessed over finding that perfect recipe. She lives in Danvers, MA with two cats, a toddler, a husband, and a 1964 yellow taxi. Her life is chaotic, but fun. She is currently working on a new Sci-fi thriller and the sequel to the Dream Slayer. She can be contacted at

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