Monday, March 05, 2012

Winged Acoustic by Tanja Begonja

"Winged Acoustic" (Vl.1) centers around the life and adventures of a young man named Kevin Bray, who lives in the fictional town of Airosta. His adventures consist of abuse, neglect, self discovery, extreme loathing, but most importantly, music. The ups and downs he must go through; sometimes alone, and sometimes with help. The complete whirlwind of mental and emotional struggles facing each and every character would surely pull on anyone's heart strings. It's not romance, it's not adventure, it's not's one hundred percent real human emotion, strung into sentences and coming alive through characters that aren't much different than you and I.

My thoughts:
I really enjoyed the story line of this book. The author was able to capture each character and portray them in a way that made you hang on to their every line in the book. One thing that the book was lacking was scene development. There were several places in the book where I had to imagine what the scene looked like. Another thing that is wrong with the book at the moment is the format, which the author is working on correcting. Other than that though, if you get past the formatting and have an imagination, you will like this book. If you can't get past those things then I would suggest waiting until the cleaned up version is out :) I recommend this book to all who like a "deep" book about the struggles in life.

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