Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Shifters by James F. Campbell


Imagine a world full of creatures that are able to shift their appearances at will. Envisage an existence with gormless beings as company. Then add to the picture sulphur-steeped air and lava-filled lakes, where Satan rules. But the question is: Would you even want to?

The book Shifters furnishes a possible future for mankind, where the Third World War has erupted, plunging the world into chaos, despair, and panic—diminishing the world’s population by apocalyptic proportions. And all this is instigated by the dark angel, who hides behind a fa├žade of charity and kindness as the world’s richest man. But is he fully to blame?

My thoughts:

I had originally chosen this book with the thought that it would make me "think" more about the world in general. However, this was more of a horror based book that really did not catch my attention and had several scenes that were not something that I usually like to read about. Now as I say that I must clarify and say that while the story line was not something that I liked, the writing in general was good. So a person that likes to read about evil things (murder, rape of young girls, etc) might actually find this to be a good read. I, however, should have read some reviews of the book before choosing to read this one. The synopsis, in my opinion, is a bit misleading. I recommend this anyone who likes to read the dark side of the paranormal realm :)

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